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Robb Wolf’s Food Matrix Paleo Meal Generator

Based on Robb Wolf's Wired to Eat, I decided to create an automated version of the Food Matrix he proposes in the book.

​I added more Paleo friendly foods to his original list to make it more complete.

With one simple click, you can generate hundreds of thousands possible Paleo meal combinations. Talk about getting bored with the same food every day, eh!

I also added an option in case you are trying to lose weight or if you want a meal particularly rich in carbs (such as a pre- or post-workout Paleo meal).​

Click ahead and enjoy countless Paleo meal ideas!​

If you are looking for a decent Paleo Cookbook, this one is pretty comprehensive: Paleo Hacks Cookbook


I am trying to lose weight
I want more carbs

I would highly appreciate feedback on how to improve this. Feel free to send me a message clicking here.


Feeling overwhelmed trying the Paleo diet?

Bored to have eggs every single day for breakfast?

It doesn't have to be this way...

The Paleo Hacks Cookbook will show you plenty of easy, quick...and DELICIOUS Paleo recipes that will make you fall in love with this way of eating once more.

Never eat a boring mealover and over again!


Alex Ferrari

I'm a PhD in Biochemistry with a passion for lifting, living healthy, and, especially...good eats! Read more about me here.

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