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What Does David Sinclair Eat and Supplement? (2019)

You might have heard about Dr. David Sinclair on the Joe Rogan Experience and you are now curious about what does he eat and what supplements he does take.

Together with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, he is one of the main proponents of wholesome food eating to delay aging.

In this post, you will get all Dr. David Sinclair' anti-aging tips so that you can slow down your own aging.

Dr. David Sinclair

Dr David Sinclair Infographic

David Andrew Sinclair (born 1969 in Australia) is a biologist and professor of genetics. In the longevity circles, he is known for supporting resveratrol (one of the compounds found in red wine) as a supplement to slow the aging process.

What Companies Does David Sinclair Own?

Dr. David Sinclair is co-founder of several biotechnology companies (Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, Genocea Biosciences, OvaScience, CohBar, MetroBiotech, ArcBio, Liberty Biosecurity) and is on the boards of several others (most notably Shaklee).

Is David Sinclair Legit?

Yes, David Sinclair is legit. He holds a PhD from the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) and is a Full Professor at Harvard where is working since 1999. He is author of hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Is David Sinclair Vegetarian?

David Sinclair is not vegetarian. Nevertheless, he limits his red meat consumption because it contains Trimethylamine N-oxide which is associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

What Does Dr. David Sinclair Eat?

As you are interested in extending your life span, you might be interested in knowing what David Sinclair eats so that you can also gain some benefits.

David Sinclair's diet consists of:

  • Intermittent fasting: he usually skips breakfast and lunch on most days. Calorie restriction is one of the most effective anti-aging strategies
  • 1 cup of coffee in the morning
  • Avoiding sugars and refined carbs
  • Limiting protein intake: especially red meat. He eats some fish and occasionally chicken (he doesn't specify the protein amount...my guess is around 100 g/day)
  • Eating as many vegetables as possible: natural sources of micronutrients (including polyphenols) that help cells fight off stressors, delaying the aging process

What Supplements Does David Sinclair Take?

The anti-aging doctor keeps it simple when it comes to longevity supplements.

Here the list and dosage of anti-aging supplements that David Sinclair takes (from the Joe Rogan podcast):

  • In the morning: 1 gram of NMN and 0.5 grams of resveratrol (mixed with yogurt): they extend lifespan by protecting from deterioration and disease
  • At night: 1 gram of metformin: to prevent heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, and aging
  • Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 (dosage not mentioned)

He has been taking resveratrol for 12 years while NMN and metformin for about 3.

To properly absorb resveratrol make sure to have some fat when you take it. For example you can have some whole milk, full fat yogurt, or some nuts.

Due to a family history of high cholesterol, he also takes a statin but it doesn't mean that you need as an anti-aging supplement.

Watch out: NMN can be pretty expensive!

Where Can You Buy Metformin?

To get metformin, you would need a prescription from your doctor. This is not always easy to come by as it depends from doctor to doctor to make the final call.

As alternative, you can substitute it with berberine which you can easily find on Amazon.

Why NMN For Longevity?

Calorie restriction is the best "therapy" against aging. 

You can imagine, though, that it's not sustainable as a long term solution not only because you'd be constantly hungry but also because you'd be malnourished.

When we get older, our levels of NAD+ decline. Calorie restriction, can reverse the decline of NAD+.

The problem of NAD+ is that if you were to take it (either as a pill or inject it), it is poorly absorbed by the cells. This means that it cannot work.

Interestingly, when older mice were fed NMN, they had the same NAD+ levels of younger mice. Cool, isn't it?

Supplements He Does NOT Recommend

There are some supplements that Dave Sinclair does not recommend either for safety reasons or because they can accelerate aging:

  • Branched Chain Aminoacids (BCAAs): they activate mTOR which increases muscle building but reduces lifespan
  • Rapamycin: inhibits mTOR hence slows down aging but David Sinclair thinks it is too risky as there are not enough evidences of its safety
  • NAD: being a large molecule, it is absorbed rather poorly. NMN is a much more effective alternative.

David Sinclair Workouts

David Sinclair runs one to two times per week at fairly high intensity on the Assault Fitness AirRunner.

Two to three times per week he does resistance training and boxes. No specific details are available at the moment. He frequently uses a sauna in conjunction with a cold bath.

David Sinclair Longevity Tips

  • Don't overeat
  • Do intermittent fasting
  • Limit protein intake especially from red meat
  • Eat a wide variety of vegetables
  • Reduce stress in your life: meditation helps
  • Get enough sleep
  • Reduce exposure to X-rays
  • Lose weight if overweight or obese

David Sinclair Book

If you have found Dr. David Sinclair' tips valuable, you will just devour his book: "Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don't Have To".

In the book he goes in great detail on how we can slow down, or even reverse, aging. Check it out on Amazon.

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