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Is Carnivory Going to Kill Bitcoin Users?

This year will be remembered for the raising in popularity of two bizarre phenomena who are linked together.

I'm talking about Bitcoin and Carnivory (aka Zero Carb diet).

Now, how is that even possible that something related to money, financial institutions, and banks has any relation with a meat only diet?

Carnivory or Zero Carb (which sometimes is abbreviated ZC) is a diet which has been going around for a few years now and counts numerous supporters and believers that can swear by its "miraculous" benefits.

In a zero carb or carnivore diet, you only eat meat. That's it.

Some people have eggs and dairy too but the main dish here is meat.

Somehow, what one eats, in this day and age, becomes parts of his/her personality.

It's not called a diet anymore but "lifestyle".

As in the past years veganism has become very mainstream and all the rage, it created a vacuum in the opposite polarity that soon has been filled by a meat-only diet.

As marketer and copywriter myself, I got intrigued by this trend I have been spotting throughout the year which seemed to be often associated with the Bitcoin crowd.

Ron Swanson and Meat's Feelings

What's up with Bitcoin and Carnivory?

Most of the people involved in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seem to be on the carnivore diet. They completely shunned anything green off their plates.

Why is that?

On the surface, it can be easy to say "well, they are radical people anyway so a radical diet that breaks all the norms is what suits them naturally."

This isn't far from the truth I give you that but I think there's another reason why all these Bitcoin folks are into carnivory.

First of all, a meat-only diet is simple.

Like really simple.

To quote Borge Fagerli from its latest book "The Zero Carb Diet: The ancestral way to lose weight, increase libido, improve physical and mental performance, and forget cravings":

Borge Fagerli Zero Carb

 Borge A. Fagerli 

 Norwegian Bodybuilding Coach 


So what’s for breakfast?
Ok, and what’s for lunch?
How about dinner?

And if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

The people involved in Bitcoin are usually guys passionate about computer and technology.

They don't have the time to cook nor they do enjoy it.

Think about it, these are the same people that a few years ago were into Soylent like crazy.

(Soylent is a powder that supposedly contains all the nutrients one needs so you just dissolve it in water, drink it, and that's it, you don't need to eat for the rest of the day).

These people love practicality.

What is more practical than a diet where:

  • check
    you don't need to think what to eat every day
  • check
    you know exactly what to buy when you get in the supermarket
  • check
    there is no complicated cooking technique involved
  • check
    the most difficult choice you have to make is "1 or 2 pinches of salt?"?

Reducing decision overload in an already very busy world is the key here.

Ron Swanson: steak, the only food

Are Bitcoin Fans Going to Die because of Carnivory?

I get you, I was skeptical about this myself.

Is a zero carb diet healthy?

Is a zero carb diet dangerous?

How early are these people going to die since they have a diet without "healthy" veggies?

Don't even start these people on veggies!

Ron Swanson not eating vegetables

It turns out that they might not be that helpful for you after all...

These are some of their points about not needing veggies to survive:

  • check
    Meat contains all the vitamins you need (especially organ meats)
  • check
    Fibers do not have a protective effect as have been led to believe
  • check
    Plants have developed a complex defense system based on chemicals to defend themselves. When you eat a plant a chemical warfare goes on in your body and some people have weird reactions to fruits and vegetables (inflammation, bloating, gassiness, etc.)
  • check
    There are tribes that thrive without ever eating a plant but only eating meat (e.g. Eskimos)
  • check
    The paleolithic man would eat a meat only diet and surely not waste time on looking for broccoli (which would also not taste that appealing in the first place)

You can do a lot of research about it yourself and try to come up with your own conclusions.

I was skeptical.

Especially when it comes to a topic so polarizing as a diet, you can read a lot of bullshit about it.

The Most Serious Resource on How to Zero Carb

What got me convinced about this diet as a valuable lifestyle was seeing one of the people I respect most in the evidence-based fitness world jump on it: Borge Fagerli.

Borge is a Norwegian bodybuilding/powerlifting coach well established and respected in the field. 

He has coached thousands of athletes (even celebrities!) and he is famous for having invented some of the most revolutionary concepts in the field (Myo-reps, biorhythm diet, etc.).

Borge tried the Zero Carb diet on himself and on his clients and the results were astonishing:

  • check
    Fat almost melting day by day
  • check
    No hunger nor cravings
  • check
    No constipation
  • check
    No bloating
  • check
    No gassiness
  • check
    Increased libido

Well now, when I read things like these online I always scoff and think..."pff, another con man trying to sell me his magic pill."

But I know and respect Borge. He is one of the most honest and modest people out there, especially in a field so crowded and full of crap like the fitness industry.

So I didn't hesitate to check Borge's latest book on the Zero Carb/Carnivore diet.

If you want to know more about this diet and see all the rationale behind it, how to use a carnivore diet for bodybuilding/powerlifting, how many grams of fats and protein to support fat loss and to build huge muscle, I recommend you to check it out.

Zero Carb Diet for Bodybuilding

The book is called "The Zero Carb Diet: The ancestral way to lose weight, increase libido, improve physical and mental performance, and forget cravings" and it is the most complete resource on the zero carb diet for bodybuilding.

You will find the only rational and well-thought take on the Zero Carb diet — together with Borge's telling you his and his clients' experience with the diet.

The Zero Carb book is bundled with the famous book on Myo-reps a method developed by Borge to get big muscles in 70% less time. I use the method myself and I can vouch for it!

You can get both of them together with a simple Zero Carb cookbook by clicking here.

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