About - Naturally Strong


When you decide "that's it, now I'm truly going to get fit!" you feel sort of lost.

What should I eat now?

To get a great looking body and to get strong you need to eat protein at every meal. Well, you know that already.

But what kind of foods, what kind of recipes?!

You go online and find great YouTube channels where basically 90% of the ​recipes are based on whey protein powder.

The remaining 10% is evenly split between egg whites and super sad chicken breast.

No thank you.

Why "wasting" calories on sad or artificial food when nature gives us plenty​ of tasteful and delicious choices?

This is why this website came to be.

Hi, I'm Alex Ferrari and I'm a PhD in biochemistry which I use to teach people about optimized nutrition for optimal performance via my other project The Broscientist.

I am Italian born and raised in Bari, south of Italy. Here food is everything.

People spend countless hours talking about food, thinking about food, cooking food, eating food.

Food is not only something that fuels and sustains you. It is passion, a way of being, a form of art.

Yet, it doesn't require difficult techniques, expensive equipment, or fancy ingredients. No.

The food here is simple.

So simple that you cannot believe that the recipe has 3 ingredients and yet tastes so marvelously delicious.

​Some call it magic, some call it love. I call it good eats.

​This is what I want to bring to this website, passion for quality food, simple and tasty recipes and a missing ingredient: high-protein.

I will try my best to bring you high-protein recipes that are easy to make, accessible, affordable, and tasty only using real food

You will find most recipes as low carb and high fat especially keto, paleo, and primal​. But don't despair, I also have recipes for the carb lovers out there!

In the future I will allow also you to submit your recipes and get them published in the database. This is still a work in progress and I have many ideas and bit by bit I will implement them.

Thank you for believing in this project!

Peace and love.

Your friend,